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Car Bumper Guard Protector For Hyundai Creta (2018 Onward) With Chrome

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SKU: GX-056
BRAND: galio
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Galio Bumper Protector For Hyundai Creta (2018 Onward) is also known as Bumper Guard and Bumper Corner Protector protects your car from a pole or fence while parking. It reduce the damage that your car might suffer when hit by any object. Bumper protectors also protect the car during driving, Its absorbs the shock of any hit and protects car from dent and scratches. This product also makes your car look more sophisticated and attractive, it contributes to the look that every owner wants his car to have.

  • Made up of PVC which is a good shock absorber and very tough and long lasting
  • Preserves vehicle's paint by ensuring safety from dents.
  • There are highly demanded in market due to their superior finished & reliability.
  • With great protection of the car Bumper as it absorbs impacts and prevents scratches


Galio is a company dedicated to making car-accessories for all sorts of cars. With 60 years of experience, Galio is standing tall in the industry out-working every competition in the market. At Galio, we believe that customer satisfaction and great user-experience are our greatest achievement. Our skilled and dedicated team focus on fulfilling all the customer-specific details to come up with the best accessories. The satisfaction that our customers have held in the past is a badge of honour for us and we are proud of it. Our expertise in making bumper guards and other car accessories have been proved various times. At Galio, we provide unquestionably satisfying services and our idea of business, is to make strong relations with the customer. The happy faces of our customers and their appreciation for our work have been the motivation and continue to be the motivation for us going forward.


SKU GX-056
Brand galio
Utility Exterior
Categories HYUNDAI
2018 TO 2019