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Car Rain Wind Door Visor For Maruti Suzuki Baleno (2015 Onward) (Chrome Lining /Silver Line)

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BRAND: gfx
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The perfect combination of innovation and technology we are presenting it as GFX Car Door Visors for Maruti Suzuki Baleno (2015 Onward). Among the multiple accessories that all New Car owners seek to have installed in their vehicles, the Car door visors, also known as rain guards, wind deflectors and wind visors. Among the less expensive and the easiest to install an appurtenance, the car door visors serve multiple purposes that can make your ride more comfortable and enjoyable, while at the same time providing an aesthetic value. The following are the most useful practical applications of a car door visor in Maruti Suzuki Baleno. GFX Door visors having great shape and design, superbly coordinate your vehicle shape, make your vehicle increasingly delightful and agreeable. GFX Door Visors Made of High quality ABS plastic, fine and smooth edges and carefully designed to avoid hurt your fingers.




  • The car door visors act as sun rays protector from the side of the vehicle which can be uncomfortable to the driver or the passengers.
  • The door visors also improve the sweptback stance of the car and provide an aesthetic appeal & save your fuel also.
  • GFX CAR DOOR VISORS make your vehicle safer because of its translucent capability, driver can also see through the Door Visor.
  • GFX car door visors allow the windows of the car to be kept open in the event of rain in so that you can enjoy the rains as well as ensure that the car win dows do not fog up due to the humidity.
  • Door Visor can prevent your car from heat up during parked in the hot sun, as we can keep the windows slightly open while parking.
  • Color: Black
  • Vehicle Compatibility: Maruti Suzuki Baleno (2015 Onward)


GFX is a supreme premium brand of aftermarket lifestyle and auto accessories in India that upgrade the features design and aesthetics, of your automobile. Your car is an reflection of your lifestyle, it reflects your persona so, make it look better than the best and keep your vehicle always in vogue take your lifestyle everywhere. If you want optimization to increase the internal space of your Maruti Suzuki Baleno and get it organized as per you and your family requirements by choose technology over the basic idea of upgrading your vehicle, GFX is a luxury accessory brand that offers the best fit and attractive presence to your vehicle. And the best and most attractive thing is that it comes with the longest warranty certificate.

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